…”healthy 27yo knee…”


April 16, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

That’s what the orthopedic surgeon said after taking a look at my x-rays today.  One part of me was like “thank god” while the other part of me was like “are you freakin kidding me.”  The “are you freakin kidding me” part is the part that has stayed with me all day long as I struggled to get through one mile (of walking) on the track.  To be honest I actually cried a little.  I mean all I wanted was some answers to the mysterious pain that I’ve been having for the past month!  However, there were more questions asked than answered today.  I have an MRI appointment on Thursday night and then a follow-up appointment on Monday the 23rd.  I am hoping the MRI will show something, anything at this point.  All I know is I was told NOT to run or even attempt to run until after Monday’s appointment, not matter how great my knee feels.  It is going to be ONE long week.

Speaking of running, yesterday I met up with some amazing runners in Boston.  We all went to brunch at Brasseriejo Jo which was delicious.  I got a special order crepe filled with mushrooms, some sort of cheese and egg whites.  I ate all the insides, but only half the crepe part.  It was so filling!  Oh and of course I ordered a mimosa to even out my meal ;)

Brunch was SO much fun and I was really inspired by all of the greatness around the table.  Everyone was so friendly and you would never know most of us had  just met.  I loved how at the end of the meal we all sat around and “followed” each other on twitter, only to find out many of us were already following each other.  I was definitely the newest runner out of the bunch, but was able to keep up with their lingo, haha.  I have a lot to learn though about myself as a runner and about running in general, so yesterday really meant a lot.  Everyone who ran today’s marathon ROCKED IT and I am so proud of them, despite the ridiculous heat we had in Boston today – it got up to 90 in Worcester, crazy!  Once Samantha posts the group picture I will share and tag everyone in it so you can follow stalk them too!  They are all truly amazing individuals!

And tonight I’ll finish with a quick update on my Tone It Up bikini challenge progress.  Yesterday’s challenge was to come up with our goals for the challenge and I wanted to share them with you.  They are in no particular order…

- No overeating / snacking (I struggle with this every night after dinner)

- Complete every challenge

- Run my little heart out at the Broad Street Run

- Eat lean, clean and green

- Listen to my body (this is especially going to be important after Monday’s appointment)

- Take vitamins everyday

- Stay CONFIDENT in my ability to complete this challenge and use/take advantage of all the motivation surrounding me

- Get better at waking up early for my bootycalls

For today’s challenge we had to complete the plateau buster, which I did with a smile on my face :) 

AND to start on a new vision board.  Once I finish I will share and post everywhere to help keep me motivated and accountable.

Have a great night and if you are in the Boston area, enjoy the weather!

xo – Rachael

6 thoughts on “…”healthy 27yo knee…”

  1. Jess Sutera says:

    Oh man, how ANNOYING that the dr. appt didn’t really tell you much, other than that you need more tests. BOOOO!!! I hope you get some answers soon, seriously I know how frustrating that can be having faced injury before. Was SO MUCH FUN meeting you this weekend!! I especially loved gabbing about barre, my main obsession in life (other than running), hehe. Yay for new blog friends! :)

  2. stephsnacks says:

    Definitely stay off your knee! I hope it heals fast and you receive some sort of answer for your pain :(

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