One foot on the ladder…


April 19, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

…explains exactly what happened to me last night with eating.  Yesterday I found myself tired, stressed, grumpy, easily irritated – you get the picture.  I didn’t want to do anything or deal with anyone.  I was so disconnected with everything that I let myself eat, eat, eat, and eat some more.  I kept telling myself that what I was eating was the last thing, but then I would “crave” something else.  It was a neverending cycle that I couldn’t get away from.   

I’ve noticed that about once or twice a month I get like this.  I eat, eat, eat, eat, eat and never get full.  Does this happen to anyone else? 

My night on couch must have been just what I needed because I feel SO much better today – mentally and physically.  While I feel bloated and a guilty I know that today is a new day.  

I’ve have been trying to eat on the lighter side, but still enough to keep me full.  I’ve also been using the “grab a glass of water before every meal” trick.  This typically doesn’t work for me, but today it is.  It may be the added raspberries and lemon in my water :)  

I hope you are all having a great day – the SUN is shining out there :)

xo – Rachael

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2 thoughts on “One foot on the ladder…

  1. this happens to me too – probably with the same frequency- once or twice a month. maybe once a month. seriously a BOTTOMLESS pit. could eat anything and not be satisfied. i blame hormones :)

  2. Jess Sutera says:

    Oh man, I know this feeling so well! Usuallyhappens to me around that time of the month and I get SO frustrated by it. It can be so hard to get yourself out of that mode too once you’re “in” it — so I’m glad you found a way to shake it off, it’s not easy!

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