What I Ate Wednesday # 9


April 25, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

It’s Wednesday, do you know what that means?  You got it; I get to make my weekly eats all pretty for you to scroll through and make comments about.  Sounds fun, right?!  Right!

So let’s just jump right into it then shall we.

My favorite way to start my day is with a yummy breakfast.  This week I’ve had a couple winners.  A Peanut Butter and Co Oatmeal Jar never fails, always an amazing breakfast that leaves me full and satisfied.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Self Magazine Blueberry –Maple Hot Cereal, it left me hungry and wanting more.   The Tone It Up Beach Babe Banana Split was like having dessert for breakfast; who doesn’t love that?  And don’t worry I’ll spare you another picture of the Tone It Up Beach Babe Blueberry and Pineapple.  I’m sure it will be back next week :)


AM Snacks
My AM snacks have been pretty boring lately; Chobani, Trader Joes Raw Almonds, and tons of fruit.

Salad heaven is what I’ve been having for lunch lately.  I’ve tried to mix it up a bit each day, Mexican, Mango Salsa, kitchen sink…  You get the idea!

PM Snacks
Last week my grocery store was having a sale on Larabars.  So every day for the past week I’ve enjoyed one of these.  My favorite flavor is the Peanut Butter Cookie.  What is yours?

I’ve been trying to get that extra cup in of veggies this past week and I’m pretty sure I’ve succeeded.  I like getting pre-cut mixed veggies from my local grocery store.  It not only makes preparing dinner so much easier, but it also allows me to get tons of different veggies without having to buy everyone of them in bulk – I’m all about convenience.  I’ve been paring the veggies with my TIU black bean burgers.  I changed the flavor up a bit and made them mesquite burgers – so yummy!

Well that’s it for this week.  What foods have you been enjoying?

xo – Rachael

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9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday # 9

  1. Haha I love when my dessert is like a breakfast :) Most of my smoothies taste that way, and now that I’ve been adding birthday cake protein powder to my yogurt in the AM, it’s like every morning is a party ;) haha I’m such a dork.

    Hope you’re havine a great week!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Your salads look so good! I love larabars too… I try to make a lot of my own (dates and nuts in the food processor) but can’t duplicate all of their flavors. Yum!

  3. stephsnacks says:

    I’ve been seeing that TIU Banana split everywhere! I want to re-create it :)

  4. Emma says:

    I’m on the TIU plan too! I love the banana split in the morning – yummy!

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