Step 2 – Exercise


May 31, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

Well happy Thursday to you all!

Normally I’d  be participating in the Foodie Penpals reveal day, but I haven’t gotten my package yet.  But no worries because once it does arrive Natalia has promised me a few surprises :)  In the meantime check out what I sent Michelle over at Hit the Bricks!

So to replace today’s post I figured I’d chat about exercise, an extension of my new structured lifestyle.

When most people think about exercise, what typically springs to mind is cardio or strength training – rarely both.  Both forms of exercise have different, yet slightly similar, benefits to our health.  However, when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness it is essential to include both in an exercise regime.  Until recently my exercise routine has seriously been lacking in cardio.  Given my knee injury, I was limited to the bike and elliptical which became OLD news after a few weeks!  Now that I’ve been given the okay to run :), I’ve been trying to balance myself out a bit.  This past week has been a bit hard as I’ve lost a lot of my endurance.  Remember I had just started running in September 2011, and had only gotten up to 8 miles in my training for the Broad Street Run.  So having 2 and a half months off with no running, my legs were in “shock” when I tried to jump right back into my routine.  Not my brightest idea, I know!  So instead of feeling discouraged I’m taking advantage of this new beginning and make some adjustments to my daily/weekly exercise routine.

First up, weekly workout schedule.

To help get back into a solid running routine I’m going to be following a training program by Hal Higdon.  A lot of runners I know follow his plans and have nothing but positive feedback.  I’m also going to (currently) participate in the Runners World Run Streak.  There has been A LOT of controversy around this lately in the blogging world, but my physical therapist gave me the okay (with caution speach).  Since I’m following a 4 day running program already, as long as I do slower runs on the other 3 she said I will be fine and it will actually help my legs/hips.  I AM going to be smart and listen to my body though – as everyone else should – so if it says STOP, you bet your booty I’ll be stopping.  Is anyone else doing the Run Streak? 

Talk about building endurance…  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be this sweaty after 1 mile, lol.  Although I did run it in 9:30, 30 seconds faster/less than I would inside.  Do you find that you run faster outside than you normally would on the treadmill?

For strength training I’m going to continue with my Tone It Up videos.  I’m also going to start taking barre classes 2-3 times a week.  I absolutely love EVERYTHING about barre and can’t wait to have it back in my routine.  I’ve missed it these past couple of months.  Oh and physical therapy twice a week SOO counts as strength training with all of the lungs and squats I do.  There will also be a lot of stretching and some yoga thrown in.  I’ve never done yoga before so I’m a bit nervous, but I’m sure it will be nice to incorporate it into my weekly routine.

Phew, I’m tired just thinking about it all – yet I can’t wait to come up with next weeks schedule :)

What are some of your favorite workouts lately?  How do you keep balance in your exercise routine?

xo – Rachael

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