June Yoga Challenge – Week 1


June 8, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

I seriously LOVE Fridays!  I work from home, no alarm setting (thank you internal 5:30am alarm), and I get to make the best breakfasts.

After looking in the cabinet this morning and seeing a few cans of pumpkin pie filling, I knew something pumpkin was on the menu.  I didn’t want pumpkin oats, pumpkin yogurt, or even pumpkin pancakes.  NO, I wanted pumpkin bread :).  So I got out my Happy Herbivore cookbook and got to work.  End result, a delicious slice of pumpkin bread and some Chobani and mixed berries on the side – DELISH!



Today concludes the first week of the June Yoga Challenge

Challenge: 3 sessions of yoga

Actual: 3 sessions of yoga (score!)

  • Monday (20 minutes) –  I started off with a free online video from Do Yoga With Me.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so I picked the Beginners Yoga for Leg Strength.  Since my injury I’ve really been trying to strengthen my legs, so it seemed like a good pick.  After completing the video I immediately felt at ease, relaxed and ready for the day.  I really enjoyed how soft the instructor spoke and the sound of the waves – so relaxing.
  • Thursday (30 minutes) – Since I don’t have too much experience and have no idea what most of the moves are called in Yoga, I used my Thursday AM workout to take a tutorial and try out a couple moves compliments of my Wii Fit.  I know the Wii Fit hasn’t gotten the greatest reviews, but I really like it for switching things up.  I did about 30 minutes of all different moves, while focusing on my form and balance.
  • Friday (30 minutes) – I don’t know what it is but my hips have been killing me lately.  I guess I’ll chalk it up to all the strength training?  Anyway, I headed over to the Do Yoga With Me website again and found this video (again, all FREE – LOVE this!), Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back.  This video rocked and totally hit the spot.  I may even do it again tonight after my run.

I’m loving this challenge and can’t wait for a few more sessions this week!

Are you taking part in the June Yoga Challenge?  What is your favorite Yoga position?

In Monday’s video the instructor did a move called the “King Dancer” pose, definitely my favorite?

xo – Rachael

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5 thoughts on “June Yoga Challenge – Week 1

  1. I think triangle pose and I’d LOVE to be able to do the headstand, I think that would be my fave if only I could master it ;)

  2. Michelle says:

    I will definitely be checking out the hips, hamstring and yoga back video! Thanks!

  3. Courtney says:

    Love that you used your Wii for the yoga! And you know, my hips have been feelin’ it a bit lately – it’s probably the yoga!

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