30 Day Challenge – Update


August 6, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

Well, HELLO Monday NIGHT!  Ahh, those words are almost as good as HELLO Friday NIGHT.  I knew you would agree ;)

Let’s just say you know its a Monday… (1) When you have a meeting at 4pm instead of 3pm, like you originally thought (thank you Mountain Standard Time).  (2) When your entire closet (the one you just organized Sunday night) is all over your room because you can’t find ANYTHING to wear. (3) When you don’t get out of the office until 6pm and you ate your PM snack at 3pm because you planned to run at 4:30.

Yes, my friends, it was just your typical Monday for this girl.

The best part of my day – breakfast for dinner.  First off, I love random dinners.  Second, I love breakfast for dinner.  Today I sautéed some left over mixed veggies in an egg white omelet and paired it with an apple and peanut butter.  YUM!

So I wanted to give you guys an update on my 30 Day Challenge.  About three weeks ago I started to run pretty regularly again since my injury.  Last week I even got to 12 miles in 7 days – I haven’t done that since I started my training schedule for the Broad Street Run a few months ago.  Anyway after starting the 30 Day Challenge I started to have some knee pain.  I was doing all of my PT exercises and stretching like crazy, but no matter what I did I continued to have pain.  So, last week I decided to stop doing the Jillian Michael’s DVD, but continue to run…a little experiment if you will.  And guess what NO PAIN!  So a decision was to be made… 30 Day Challenge or Running?!?!?  Well if you’ve been reading my blog, you know the answer.  And if you are new to the blog, I’ll help you out a bit.  There is NO way I am giving up running, so obviously the 30 Day Challenge is no more.  I still plan on keeping it in my routine, but just not everyday.  I’m not sure if it’s just too much on my knees or what.  Has anyone else had any knee trouble after and/or during it on a regular basis (of about 2-3 weeks)? 

Oh and if you haven’t noticed, the blog got a little face lift this weekend.  And I updated the “Blog Love” page.  I’m still working on the recipe page, so stay tuned.

Alright, that’s all I got for ya today.  I’m off to finish up some more work and watch the Proposal – it never gets old!

xo – Rachael

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Update

  1. jobo says:

    I love breakfast for dinner!! And I am glad that you are still running but not every day. That is just SO much IMHO! Even if they are shorter distances! Nice choice!

  2. I love your new theme!!! It’s so cute!!

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