#HLS – Saturday’s Sweat and Sessions


August 28, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

If you missed my previous two posts about the Healthy Living Summit you can find them here:

Mini Mingles
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So where were we…ah yes, Saturday.

Saturday started off with a 3.28 (every step counts people!) mile run with these girls…

(Danielle, Me, Min, Angela (my foodiepenpal last month), Danielle and Phyllis)

To be honest the first mile was great, the second my legs started feeling like jelly and well the third they were on FIRE!  After the squats from Friday’s conditioning class with Kristen my legs were not so keen on acting on what I had planned out for the day.  Thank goodness Phyllis ran alongside me because if not I would have walked the rest of the way!  This was actually my first time running with people (other than this 5k and without music).  I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had fresh legs, but oh well – we GOT IT DONE!

After the 6:30am run I was super sweaty (hence the reason for the name of my blog!),

Wild Harvest sponsored breakfast, which was delish!  I especially loved all of the fresh fruit.  I love eating fruit in the AM, but never do I ever treat myself with a spread like this.

After opening remarks and ice breakers it was time for some Reebok Crossfit.

Now I’d been looking forward to this since the girls announced Reebok Crossfit would be sponsoring the AM workout.  I’ve been wanting to try Crossfit for awhile now, but it is just SO darn expensive.  We walked in, put down our things and scoped out the guys…ALL of the guy instructors were extremely good looking.  Reebok definitely had a good marketing strategy here people.

After a brief explanation of Crossfit and its philosophy we were given our WOD (workout of the day), 7 air squats and 12 jumps and as many reps as possible for 5 minutes.  I knew 5 minutes was either going to fly by or be the slowest of my life.  I’m not quite sure how I did it, but I cranked out 10 sets.  I know some girls did more, but I was actually surprised to even do that much given yesterday’s class and my run earlier in the AM.  Actually Alex even tapped me on the shoulder during a squat section to say “How are you even doing this right now?”  The workout was actually A LOT of fun and I’m definitely going to be looking into Crossfit around me sooner rather than later.

After our workout it was session time.  The first session I attended was with Amanda on Hosting a Virtual Challenge.  While I’m no where near ready to host my own challenge, I wanted to know exactly what steps to take once I am at that point so I could hit the ground running.  Amanda provided us with TONS of useful information, which I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you all at some point.

The next session I attended was with Julie on Blog Design.  Let’s just say I left this talk wanting to immediately redesign my blog.  I’ll be playing around with some things in the near future, but nothing too drastic.

After sitting and listening to presentations for two hours I was ready for lunch.  Luckily lunch was provided by the hotel and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  My favorite was the avocado, tomato and onion salad.  There were literally chunks of avocado – SO good!

Next up was the keynote address courtesy of Wild Harvest where we learned about recipe development.  Did you know that if you modify a recipe and want to claim it as your own you have to change 3 major things about it??  It was actually really interesting to learn about how Wild Harvest turns unhealthy dishes into healthy by only changing a few ingredients.

The afternoon sessions were just as great as the AM sessions.  I attended the Newbie Q&A session with Alicia, Courtney, Heather and Chase.  All the girls did such a great job providing us newbies with vital blogger information.  I’ll be posting some of the messages that really hit home later next week, so stay tuned – LESSONs 4-10.

By the time the 4th session rolled around I wasn’t too sure my brain could hold any more information.  BUT I knew Heather’s presentation, Social Media: Keeping Up With Online Trends, would be awesome, so I had to at least keep it together for another hour.  Heather’s presentation was great and the information she provided us with was so helpful.  I created a Facebook page a while ago, but haven’t had too much success with it.  Heather’s presentation really provided me with some “Faceboook for blogger dummie” iknowledge.  So stay tuned for a Ready To Get Sweaty Facebook page my friends.

After Heather’s presentation I was supposed to go straight to Ultimate Bootcamp, but honestly my legs wanted NOTHING to do with exercise.  My whole body was screaming S.T.O.P, so I headed up to my room and rested before heading to dinner.  This was honestly one of the best decisions despite the fact that I felt really guilty about missing bootcamp.

Now to one of my favorite (actually probably my most favorite) parts of the conference dinner with these  crazy people (Sarah, Jon, Alex, Monique, me, Laura, Shannon, Meredith, Derek and Mindy).

(Photo courtesy of Mindy)

Earlier in the day Alex was asked to join Greatist and DailyFeats along with some other bloggers for dinner.  Not having dinner plans and being near Alex when she received the invitation, I of course tagged along.  After meeting in the lobby we headed to Harvard Gardens for dinner and drinks.  On the way to dinner we of course took a group pick, picked up two strangers, laughed, talked and became best friends.  (Yes, this all tool place during the 30 minutes it took to get to the restaurant.)

After perusing the menu I finally decided on Merlot (thanks DailyFeats) and an arugula salad with blueberries, goat cheese, and cucumbers.  The salad was huge, delish and gone way too fast.


After an amazing dinner with some pretty great people it was time to head back to the hotel.

Alex being the great blogger she is, wanted to snap a picture of us in the elevator making funny faces.  Apparently I’m the only one who got the memo.

Me being me – Lesson 2, right?!

xo – Rachael

9 thoughts on “#HLS – Saturday’s Sweat and Sessions

  1. Kudos on your run on Saturday morning! My legs were killing me after Friday’s fitness class too and I definitely don’t think I could have made it through a run!

    I loved that tomato, onion and avocado salad at lunch too. I had to go back for seconds of it!

  2. that looks like so much fun! I’m sad I missed the HLS but I’m excited I’ll get to meet YOU in Boston!

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  4. Love the recap! Especially my zombie face at the bottom :P But really such a great time !!! xo

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  6. Heather says:

    Such an awesome recap, my friend! I wish I was able to be at that Daily Feats/Greatist meal with you guys. Those are two communities I seriously LOVE and want to work with in fresh, creative ways with HLB. Every soul I’ve met online and in person from their sites are amazing, passionate people who “get” us, as bloggers – you know?

    I’m glad you had such a great time at the Summit! I can FEEL your energy and excitement through your posts and it’s making me AMPED to work on my own blogging this weekend, too!

    • It was really great to hangout with and spend some time with Greatist and Daily Feats. You are right, they all “got” us bloggers and were real people, which made me love everything about them even more! Hope this past weekends blogging went well!

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