Girls Night and Pilates in the Park


September 8, 2012 by readytogetsweaty

It’s Saturday night at 8:30pm and I’m sitting here blogging.  I know I’ve been MIA for the past few days, okay week, but I really haven’t had anything nice to say…and you know that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve been moody, bloated, grouchy and an overall negative person.  I haven’t even wanted to be around myself most days.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but let me tell you I’m not too happy about it sticking around for this long.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff (at least for right now), I’ve got some fun stuff to share with you.  Last night after attending a wellness kick off meeting (more about that later in the week, pinky promise) I had a scheduled girls sleepover with my friend Kristen.  I met Kristen through the twitter Tone It Up world and since then we’ve become great friends.  Kristen arrived at my apartment around 11pm and we stayed up until 2am drinking red wine and chatting about life, food, and fitness.  I swear the time just flies by when Kristen and I are together.

The reason for our girls night was so we could head into Boston this morning for Pilates in the Park with Jen and our Bostoned girls, which just happened to be sponsored by ZICO.  Let me tell you, the Tone It Up Community has hooked me up with so many inspiring ladies, some of them even in my area – hence our group name Bostoned.  The Bostoned girls have gotten together before, however, I had visitors that weekend, so it was my first time finally meeting the girls I had been tweeting and e-mailing with for months!

When we arrived at the park the sun was shining, the music was blaring, and the energy was out of this world.

We quickly set up our mats, got our FREE Zico water (SCORE x 3 – we got some after class too) and met up with friends.

I’ve never taken a Pilates class before, but heard it was similar to my barre workouts so I was pretty psyched to get started.

During the workout I believe I made a comment to Kristen that Pilates was like “barre on crack” and MBB’s Barre Bootcamp class.  We did quite a bit of cardio (jumps, burpee like moves and mountain climbers) in the beginning of class and then ended with some signature pilate moves (planks, leg circles, tons of ab work and pushups). I was a sweaty mess within the first 10, okay 5 minutes (I know shocker!).

and there she is…JEN!

After class we took a group picture and then headed to Limoncello in the North End for some lunch.

After looking over the menu we all ended up ordering salads, go figure.

Again, it was so great to finally meet, chat with and really get to know all the girls.

After lunch Kristen and I headed back to Worcester and since getting home I’ve taken two naps and watched too many hours of Criminal Minds.

I hope you all had a great Saturday and have some fun things planned for Sunday.

xo – Rachael

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11 thoughts on “Girls Night and Pilates in the Park

  1. erinrsanta says:

    Great blog! Glad we could lift your spirits a little. We all feel like Eeyore now and again.
    Love all the pics and the narrative! So good to meet you. Wishing you a fresh, fun, tone-tastic week ahead! :)

  2. Alett Mekler says:

    Omg! I met the girl on the far left of your group shot on the way back from my eye doctor appointment! (I was rushing back home to get changed for pilates)

    Ha ha! It was such a fun time! (I was there with my friend Keith)

    Glad you all had a chance to meet up. It looks like a wonderful and supportive “Bostoning” community.

    Hope you’re feeling more like Tigger and less like Eeyore today :)

    • Oh that is awesome – so glad to hear you had a great time also! I wish I lived closer to the city so I could attend the free events during the week.
      Far left of the group shot is Taylor, with the fun crazy pants :)

  3. aww yay! this looks like so much fun! I miss Boston already! (:

  4. So jealous of this! That looks like an amazing day. :-)

  5. That yoga sounds like so much fun!!!!

    I get to see you this week, yes??? I’m so excited!

  6. Becky says:

    Great picture of Eyore. Looks like a wonderful time in the park. Have a great week!

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